What is the initial cost to join the SCJPC?

The cost in 2021 was $75,963.60. The Committee reviews the fee annually, therefore; this cost fluctuates.

What is the benefit in joint ownership versus lease/rental agreement?

This question could not be answered by the SCJPC. This is a business decision based on your business plan.

What is the monthly fee to members once they have joined the SCJPC?

All members are assessed 1% of the prior month’s operating expenses, plus a percentage of their non-useable footage. Depending on one’s pole base the costs vary from approximately $700.00 per month and up.

How do I obtain a UserID and pass code to the SCJPC web page?

This information is given only to members.




When processing JPA's to accommodate future reconductoring, should we record the future KV (e.g. 12KV) even though we will still operate at 4KV for 5 more years?

You should record the KV currently on the pole. You will need to process another JPA showing the change in KV (Section 16.3) when it actually changes.

A JPA was approved and finalized. Can I go back and add item numbers from the Authorized Costs? (e.g. 10c, 10b, etc.)

Per Section 13.2 of the Routine Handbook, any JPA involving a refund of monies must be processed within 3 years of the original final JPA. Per the Routine Revision Committee, any supplemental items not included on a final JPA can be processed up to five years following the initial processing of the involved JPA.

Can a NON-MEMBER of the Joint Pole Committee install risers?

A non-member may install a riser on a joint pole dependent on the agreement in place with that entity. All current owners on that pole should be notified per Section 3.4 of the Routine Handbook a riser is being placed.

Can we create our own forms (Preliminary, Final, Form 48, etc.)? Will the committee provide these files to every member?

You can create your own forms provided that it looks exactly like the current hard copy forms. The form must be approved by the Committee before its use. Some forms are available for download in MS Excel or MS Word format and can be found here.

How do I get my pole inspection program approved by the committee?

  1. Request a presentation date from the SCJPC.
  2. Prepare a presentation to include:
    • Copy of pole inspection program for each Member of the Committee, including scope of work and specification.
    • Oral presentation of types of treatments being used.
    • Method of billing other Members.
    • Question and Answer period.
    • Any additional handouts or information to assist the Board in making the decision.

How do I obtain a UserID and pass code to the SCJPC web page?

This information is given to the assigned member representative. You must contact that member utility’s representative to obtain this information. The JPC office is not permitted to disclose this information to anyone other than the representative.